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1991 Walt Disney World Press Kit Videos - Run Time: 0:19:19
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This video is the 1991 Press Video released to the press for use in TV ad's and
news stories on or about Disney. The audio is LOW as it was intended to be only
for background audio so the press could easily add their voiceovers.

This set of 3 clips totals 634 MB. They were converted from VHS to DVD and then
have been converted to Windows Media format (.wmv) so they should work on most
computers without having to download any other codec's.

After looking at the downloads from our other videos I am only posting full clips as that is what most guest are downloading.

If anyone need the clips split, contact me via our contact page.

To Download the clips, 'Right click' on them and select 'Save Target As'.

Web Clips are:
352x240 - 96.8 MB

DVD Quality Clips are:
720x480  - 528 MB

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Title Runtime 352x240 Download 720x480 DVD Download
Magic Kingdom 6:08 Normal - 30.7 MB |  D/L's DVD - 171 MB |  D/L's
Epcot Center 5:27 Normal - 27.4 MB |  D/L's DVD - 152 MB |  D/L's
Disney-MGM Studios 7:43 Normal - 38.6 MB |  D/L's DVD - 214 MB |  D/L's
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